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Aviation Industry

Pet Professionals Australia is leading the way in Aviation Animal Management, working with key carriers to deliver a regulatory animal management course that ensures their staff have the skills and knowledge required to handle their precious animal cargo.

Tailored for the aviation industry, this training course is designed to ensure those interacting with companion animals prioritise animal welfare and the wellbeing of animals in their care; that the workforce is upskilled, knowledgeable and safe; and that the organisation is compliant with professional standards.

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Pet Professionals Australia is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with more than 22 years’ experience delivering companion animal training and education to individuals, organisations and government agencies. Underpinned by Hanrob Pty Ltd – Australia’s largest network of pet boarding facilities, dog training academies and doggy daycare centres, Pet Professionals Australia also provides end-to-end pet management services including pet comfort stops and logistics services to the aviation industry, working with carriers including Virgin Australia. Our mission is to ensure anyone who comes into contact with pets, is qualified and confident in providing the best and safest experience to that animal.

Andrew Biggs, CEO, Pet Professionals Australia

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