Dog Trainer Short Course

Formalise your skills and give yourself the best chance of success in your career as a dog trainer.


Designed for individuals seeking a career in the dog training profession, professional dog trainers wanting a formal qualification for their skills and experience and organisations whose staff come into contact with companion animals, this course covers the theory behind dog psychology, behaviour modification, dog training principles and canine care.
Students will learn how to apply operant and classical conditioning methods and techniques to modify behaviour and will learn skills to assist in key areas of dog ownership and training.


Learning Outcomes

• Canine behaviour and psychology
• Influences and canine behaviour
• How to identify and modify behavioural issues and problem behaviours
• Body language and dog communication
• Dog Training equipment
• Basic handling of companion animals


Course Delivery

This course offers flexible learning with the delivery of the theory components online, comprising of reading material and video tutorials.
Each online training module will require 25 hours of online study as well as practical training to reinforce the theoretical learning.


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