Workplace Animal Management Course

We are dedicated to supporting workplaces in providing the best - and safest - experience for animals in their industry.


In line with our vision to revolutionise the experience for animals in the workplace we offer regulatory animal management training programs tailored to your industry. Our courses are designed to ensure those interacting with companion animals:

• Prioritise animal welfare and the wellbeing of animals in their care
• Employ an Upskilled, Knowledgeable and Safe Workforce
• Are compliant with professional standards

We work with industries ranging from aviation and retail to boarding kennels, shelters and government agencies.


Learning Outcomes

While our courses are contextualised to your specific industry, some of the topics covered include:

• Containment requirements and minimum standards to ensure welfare is maintained
• Animal First Aid, signs of emergency’s and illness in animals and the steps to be taken.
• Characteristics and behaviours of animals
• Capture, Handle and Transport, including choosing the right equipment


Course Delivery

To minimise disruption to your workforce this course offers flexible learning and delivery options. Choose from:

  • Online delivery of learning resources with Quiz Assessments to test learner’s knowledge
  • Face-to-Face workshops at one of Pet Professionals sites
  • Workplace workshops undertaken at the learner’s workplace

To ensure the best outcomes for your staff, we typically recommend combining online learning with a face-to-face workshop, allowing your workforce to test their understanding practically with one of our industry experts.


Enquire Today

To find out more about organising access to our Workplace Animal Management Course in your organisation, please call 02 8203 3993 or complete our enquiry form by clicking the link below.