Workplace Audits

We'll help you focus on the areas you need to improve on in the companion animal industry


If you work in the companion animal industry it’s imperative you prioritise the health and wellbeing of the animals you work with, and the safety of your staff. Regular audits of your systems, processes and how well they are being carried out, ensures you continue to deliver an exceptional service, and quickly address any gaps in your business.

Pet Professionals Australia have been at the forefront of Companion Animal care and safety for more than three decades, and work alongside businesses like yours to assess and recommend areas of improvement through the delivery of audits.

We’ll carry out a complete audit of your interaction with companion animals, and provide you with a detailed report, highlighting any areas in which you could or should improve upon. We’ll make recommendations to help streamline your systems and processes, to ensure the optimal delivery of your companion animal service.

To enquire about our workplace audits, call 02 8203 3993 or click here to complete our online enquiry form.